My Pleasure is not Shameful

I love sex. I love engaging in sexual acts, I love talking about it, I love educating others on sex and everything to do with it. It’s not just me being super horny (although it happens). I’m fascinated by sex, even more so when I learn something new that we should have been taught in […]

Sex Miseducation: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

I would say that I am a pretty open person when it comes to talking about things that others may shy away from, such as mental health, racism, and sex. I have spoken on two of the mentioned topics here on Currently Clueless, but not that third one. The thing with sex is people like […]

Oh, I Just Manifested It!

I first came across the art of manifestation when I started listening to more podcasts and reading more ‘self-help’ books. However, there was one novel in particular that really pushed me over the edge when it comes to believing in myself and the universe, and that was ‘How to be a Badass’ by Jen Sincero. […]


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