Sex Miseducation: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

I would say that I am a pretty open person when it comes to talking about things that others may shy away from, such as mental health, racism, and sex. I have spoken on two of the mentioned topics here on Currently Clueless, but not that third one. The thing with sex is people like to keep it private, which is completely understandable, and I respect that decision. But there is a difference between keeping our own sex lives private versus not talking about sex at all. This leads to the issue of lacking proper education and understanding on something that plays a huge role in most of our lives.

But why is this a problem?

Poor sex education is dangerous. It can affect not only our physical health, but our mental wellbeing as well. We’re not born knowing these things, and due to the poor teachings we receive on the subject at school, most of us just learn along the way through friends, family members and a quick Google search (using an incognito tab, of course). The problem is, many sources can be misleading, uninformative, or biased based on personal views and beliefs, and lead to the spread of misinformation.

I’m pretty sure the most any of us ever learned in school about sex was how to put a condom on a banana, and unless you have a fetish for fruit, that’s not exactly going to help us out in the long run.

And surprise, surprise – sex isn’t all about the penis in the vagina (shocking, I know).

So, I wanted to start a little series on here, which I have titled ‘Sex Miseducation’, where we will be talking about all the things that school failed to teach us. Get ready to talk about topics such as sex and the LGTBQ+ community, gender identity, breaking the stigma surrounding the idea of virginity, putting an end to body hair shame, how to really take care of our sexual health and so much more.

Obviously, I’m not a sex-pert by any means. Anything I say is based off my own research, and I’m definitely still learning along with everyone else. But that’s a good thing! No one needs to pretend to know exactly what they are talking about, and no one needs to feel ashamed for not knowing either.

Expect the first instalment of this sexy new series very soon!

One response to “Sex Miseducation: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby”

  1. It puzzles me why some people think that not teaching kids about sex will prevent them from having sex. It just doesn’t work that way.


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