New Lifestyle, New Logo

The whole world is in a bit of an odd time at the moment – chances are if you’re not a key worker in the U.K. (huge thank you to NHS staff and others working to keep the country going) you’re stuck at home in quarantine like the rest of us! So I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to put some more work into Currently Clueless – tidy things up a bit, you know?

So, I present to you the brand new Currently Clueless logo, designed by the ridiculously talented Mia Rae Smith!


I’ve been following Mia’s art on Instagram since she first started posting about it, and I’ve just fallen in love with her art style! She often posts artwork inspired by celebrities, TV shows and her friends, as well as time lapse videos to showcase her drawing process.

Harley Quinn by Mia Rae Smith

Last Christmas she sold some stunning cards adorned with her own art through Etsy. She also accepts commissions for portraits (no surprise there, how can you not love them?), logos and more!

Christmas Card by Mia Rae Smith

If you’re needing a new graphic or think one of Mia’s portraits would be the perfect gift for that friends birthday you’ve got coming up, drop her a message over on her Instagram –

To see more examples of just how talented Mia is, go here –

Self Portrait by Mia Rae Smith

Thank you again Mia for the new logo! It’s given me even more motivation to write for Currently Clueless as much as I can – look out for the next post coming very soon. Wishing everyone good health and vibes during this strange and scary time. Thanks for reading!

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