Hello, 2019

So, I have kind of abandoned blogging and my general love for writing during the last few months. I’m not entirely sure why, I guess I just haven’t had time and it hasn’t been a priority. Thing is, I love writing and creating posts for people to read and enjoy online, even only a handful of people are actually reading them. So I am determined to let my love of writing back into my life, and that starts with taking better care of this here blog.

I thought what better post to upload to mark the start of a new year (and more consistent blogging) than explaining to you what my goals are for 2019. I’m not usually one to jump on the resolution band wagon. I mean, how many people actually manage to complete their new years resolutions by the end of the year? Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I always seem to see people setting unrealistic goals and expectations for themselves in the upcoming year, then getting fed up with them and forgetting about them or dropping them only a month or two down the line.

But I needed some motivation for this year. So I’ve created a list of goals (realistic ones at that) which I would love to achieve by the end of 2019. I am yet to have that one great year in my life, and I would really love for this one to be it. So, without further ado, these are my top goals for 2019…

  1. Travel somewhere new 
  • A weekend away in Amsterdam has been on my bucket list for-freaking-ever and I am going to get on that plane and visit that city this year if it kills me.
  • In terms of a sunny beach holiday, I am really loving the look of Croatia. I’ve never been and I just think it looks absolutely stunning for a relaxing week or two in the sun sipping cocktails.

      2. Read more 

  • Ever since I was younger I have had a huge love for books, but recently I just haven’t made the time to read. I am determined to make time to read more, both fiction and non-fiction. 

      3. Write more 

  • As explained at the beginning of the post, I would love to focus more on blogging and getting my writing out into the world this way. 
  • Ever since I was little I have had a passion for creative writing. I find it very therapeutic. I may even try and see if I can enter some creative writing competitions online.
  • In order to earn a bit of money on the side of my current job, I am going to look into doing some freelance writing jobs online, such as writing blog posts for other people etc. 

      4. Get down to my goal weight 

  • Something that I started doing mid-2018 was losing some weight that I have gained gradually over the past year. I managed to get myself into a really good gym routine and started eating the right foods and I felt so much better because of it. So far I have lost a stone, but there’s still some more weight I would love to lose to get down to my ideal weight. 

      5. Complete my apprenticeship 

  • In case you didn’t know, I am currently working for a company doing a level 3 business administration apprenticeship. I have gained a lot of experience doing my job, and I would love to have the course finished and passed by the end of March 2019.

      6. Get a new job

  • While I do enjoy the work I do now, once my apprenticeship is over I would love to find a job that includes me being able to be a bit more creative, such as marketing.

       7. Save more money 

  • This one I know for sure is going to be rough. I really need to start restricting my bad habits such as online shopping and eating out. 

       8. Get a new skill/hobby/interest

  • This one is a bit random, but I just wish there was something I was very knowledgeable on or skilled at. I would love to build more on my makeup skills and teach myself how to do more complicated looks. I have also been thinking about starting a new fitness class such as pole fitness or boxing. I’m honestly not sure. I think I’ll just have to try some things out and see what I like. 

So that’s it. Not very exciting I know, but I think I’m okay with having a not too exciting year. I hope this year brings all of us health, love and happiness. Happy New Year loves.

– S x

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